TK Maxx has a website, and it's a real revelation

The UK retailer's latest ad aims to wow those who didn't realize

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Jul 01, 2022

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A brand having a website isn't exactly news these days (who doesn't offer e-commerce in 2022?) but U.K. retailer TK Maxx is setting out to tell those who still, apparently, don't realize that it does.

A simple but memorable TV ad by Wieden+Kennedy London shows a woman in a late night food joint with friends, when she suddenly realizes her favorite retailer has a website. There follows a trippy, almost out-of-body experience as she takes in the full meaning of the revelation.

The spot, helmed by Lou Escobar and produced via Canada, has one aim: to bring the message to the world that TK Maxx has a website, as some shoppers are still unaware of the retail brand’s e-commerce offering. The method includes humor and the simple repetition of the words "TK Maxx has a website."

The ad is running on TV and online, backed by an in-store and social campaign. The brand's work with W+K London has previously included some humorous seasonal campaigns, including last year's effort featuring a super-powered school concert.


TK Maxx

TK Maxx