The Creativity Top 5 Breakthrough Brand Ideas You Need to Know About Now

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Oct 15, 2018

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Welcome to the Creativity Top 5. These are the most innovative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. Zero - The End of Prostate Cancer: "Mike Rowe Gets a Prostate Exam," Erich & Kallman
TV host Mike Rowe underwent perhaps his most important "Dirty Job" yet. In a PSA for men's health group Zero by Erich & Kallman, he got his prostate checked by his real doctor, live, on camera, to underscore the importance of the exam.


4. Fire Ted Cruz PAC: 'Is Ted Cruz "Tough As Texas?",' Richard Linklater
Richard Linklater directed this refreshing political commercial that departs from the typical attack ads mucking up the airwaves. Created for the Fire Ted Cruz PAC, the film pulls in actor Sonny Carl Davis to reprise his role from the director's 2011 film "Bernies." But instead of dissecting the various parts of Texas like he did in the film, here, he dissects Ted Cruz.


3. Vicks: "Touch of Care - One in a Million," Publicis Singapore
Vicks and Publicis continue to rip our guts out with the "Touch of Care" campaign. It began with an emotional tale of a transgender mom and now, it tells a heart-tugging story about a girl with a rare skin condition, whose loving parents turn out to be bigger heroes than you can imagine.


2. Amazon Prime Video: 'Great Shows Stay With You,' Droga 5 London
A downright delightful campaign for Amazon Prime Video created out of Droga5 London. The series of ads imagines how binge-watchers' mundane lives could become oh, so much more, if only they channeled their inner Viking or Jack Ryan.


1. March for Our Lives/Kesha: 'The Most Vicious Cycle,' McCann New York, The Mill
The Parkland students behind March for Our Lives teamed up with Kesha her younger brother Sage, McCann New York and the production wizards at the Mill on this disturbing music video about the vicious cycle of gun violence, aimed at encouraging viewers to vote in the midterms. While the Rube Goldberg device featured here is a clever method of illustrating the frustrating, endless loop of incident after incident, the fact that the video aired back to back three times in a row on MTV drove the point home even further.

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