Best of 2016 No. 3 Integrated/Interactive: Deadpool Wants You to Check Your Man Berries

Anti-Hero Takes Time Out From Movie Promotions for PSA

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Jan 29, 2016

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The marketing effort for Marvel's "Deadpool" was full of clever and witty promotions, from the snarky pre-trailer trailer to the wry ads portraying the film as a romantic comedy. The entire campaign is worthy of our #3 spot in this year's countdown of 2016's best work, but we particularly liked the video message in which Ryan Reynolds' anti-hero encourages men to check themselves for signs of testicular cancer by poking their "man berries."

Original post:

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool anti-hero has been everywhere promoting the upcoming Marvel film, but recently he took time off from his movie pimpin' for a good cause. In this new video message from the character, he encourages men to poke and prod their "man berries," or what he likes to call "smooth criminals," and instructs them on how to look for unusual lumps, growth or other changes. The idea is to check for signs of testicular cancer. That happens to be the most common form of cancer in men between 15-35, who presumably also are the main target demo of the film.