This revealing campaign forces a couple to split the household chores equally

Swedish household retailer Tretti installs voice-activated appliances to highlight gender equality

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Dec 24, 2018

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A new campaign from Swedish household good retailer Tretti highlights gender equality by forcing a couple to split domestic chores absolutely equally. 

Taking as its basis data from Stockholm University, which shows that couples who share household chores equally stay together longer, and that arguing over housework is a common factor in break-ups, the campaign, by The&Partnership Nordics, centers on a real-life couple, Mikaela and David, and makes them share the load.

Tretti installed their home with brand new "smart" household products equipped with a voice recognition "lock" automatically preventing products from being used by the same person twice in a row. Mikaela and David start off with a prescriptive rota, and after initially finding it tough to get to grips with (you get the feeling it caused more arguments than usual at first, and the laundry starts to pile up), eventually they find an equal way of sharing the duties. At the conclusion of the film the couple are positive about the experiment, pointing out that it makes them better role models for their young daughter. 

As well as the ad running on TV and online, The&Partnership also created an online test for Tretti customers, which lets them evaluate how equal their own household is.

Joachim Medalen, CEO of The&Partnership Nordics, says: “We hope this campaign will encourage viewers to embrace a 50/50 split of workload in the home, as well as building awareness of Tretti’s excellent portfolio of household goods."



Dec 24, 2018
Client :
Agency :
The&Partnership Nordics
Client :
Rikke Bülow Davidsen
Client Lead :
Joachim Medalen
Account Manager :
Marita Linnell
Creative Director :
Timo Orre
Copywriter :
Anton Holmstrand
Copywriter :
Hanna Adelstål
Art Director :
Sebastian Kamph
Art Director :
Petter Dufvenberg
Creative Planner :
Leon Phang
Media Director :
Fredrik Pettersson
Media Planner :
Malin Malmström
SoMe Planner and Production :
Julia Tånge

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