What's That Triangle Doing on Mt. Rushmore?

Game Pieces Serve as Stand-ins for Major Events in DDB Paris Campaign

Published On
Jan 14, 2014

Editor's Pick

DDB Paris is known for creating delightful Hasbro campaigns that remind us just how fun the company's toys are, such as this new print effort for Trivial Pursuit. The series of ads pulls iconic images from history and pop culture such as the moon landing, King Kong on the Empire State Building and the face of a dollar bill, and cleverly works in the silhouette of a Trivial Pursuit triangle -- a fun illustration of the sort of trivial knowledge you'll need to succeed in the game.

Recently, the agency created this fun effort for Risk, which put junk food in the mouths of Old Masters characters. It was also behind one of our all-time favorites, this off-the-wall spot for Mr. Potato Head.