Tropicana's new toothpaste doesn't ruin your OJ

In time for National Brush Day the orange juice brand created a product that solves a familiar breakfast phenomenon

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Nov 02, 2021

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Very serious research from Tropicana has revealed that 80% of orange juice drinkers agree brushing one’s teeth before a cold glass can ruin the taste of the citrus beverage. That’s why this week, in time for the very serious holiday National Brush Day, Tropicana  teamed with its agency Cramer-Krasselt to launch a sweepstakes to win a limited-edition toothpaste formula that won’t ruin the taste of OJ.

The mint-flavored toothpaste was specially formulated with Dynamic Blending Specialists, a personal care manufacturer, and promises maximum OJ flavor protection. This was achieved by removing the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate, a cleaning agent that produces a bitter taste when combined with the juice of an orange.

Videos posted to Tropicana's Instagram page address the outcry that inspired the campaign. Twitter users quoted in the spot wrote that the combination of toothpaste and OJ tastes like everything from battery acid to crayons and floor. The narrator triumphantly decrees the new toothpaste formula will allow Tropicana "to taste like Tropicana" while a model holds a glass of juice and a toothbrush in each hand, perhaps encouraging one to try both at once.


Tropicana Toothpaste Instagram Image

Those that agree with the three in five surveyed by Tropicana who believe orange juice and toothpaste are a worse combination than socks and sandals can comment on Tropicana’s Instagram posts between now and November fourth using the hashtags “#TropicanaToothpaste” and “#Sweepstakes” for a chance to win a tube.

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