Japanese Salarymen Unleash Their Inner Surfers With Quiksilver's Amazing Wetsuit

TBWA Hakuhodo and Fashion Brand Create Duds That Are Both Professional and Athletic

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Apr 23, 2015

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You're likely familiar with that image of the over-worked Japanese salary-man, bogged down by long days at the office, long nights letting off steam with coworkers and long commutes to and from the office. Quite the lifestyle departure for these men, who were once fun-loving students -- who once had loads of time to enjoy their friends -- and even catch some waves.

Quiksilver Japan and TBWA Hakuhodo are trying to let some of these men reclaim the surf with a new product, the "True Wetsuit." The agency and client teamed up on the innovative product. Unlike the typical one-piece wetsuit, it looks like dapper work wear. However, the suit jacket and pants are made of stretchy neoprene, and the shirt is made with Dryflight, a water repellent fabric developed by Quiksilver and 3M.

In this spot showcasing the product directed by Takumi Shiga, a young salaryman parks his car, catches some waves and flirts with another surfer -- and his suit looks immaculate the whole time. The suits are made-to-order at a price of 300,000 yen, and wait time for the product is two months, from the time the order is placed to delivery.

Of course, the suit comes with a tie to complete the office-appropriate ensemble.


Apr 23, 2015
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
TBWA Hakuhodo-Tokyo
Creative Director :
Kazoo Sato
Copywriter :
Takahiro Hosoda
Interactive Planner :
Tetsu Suzuki
Art Director :
Keisuke Shimizu
PR Planner :
Hideyuki Kobayashi
Brand Director :
Shin Kimitsuka
Merchandiser :
Eiji Kobayashi
Apparel :
Kim Hyoksu
Factory Manager :
Satoshi Terai
Producer :
Teppei Ohno
Production Manager :
Shinya Shimizu
Production Manager :
Mari Matsumoto
Director :
Takumi Shiga
Director, Photography :
Makoto Okuguchi
Surfing Photographer :
Hisayuki Tsuchiy
Aerial Filming :
Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Aerial Filming :
Kinya Hirose
Visual Effects :
Taito Ohyama
Gaffer :
Akiyoshi Iris
Stylist :
Shinichi Mita
Stylist :
Takashi Usui
Pattern Maker :
Tadashi Kiuchi
Hair Make :
Shinji Konishi
Hair Make :
Aya Takahashi
Props :
Etsuo Fujii
Props :
Naomi Hayashi
Location Coordinator :
Yoshito Midori
Location Coordinator :
Naoki Komamiya
Location Coordinator :
Ryohei Hamasaki
Colorist :
Yasutaka Ishihara
Offline Editor :
Taichi Okada
Online Editor :
Kenji Yamamoto
Music :
Mixer :
Hiroki Okumura
Making Director :
Tomohiro Suzuki
Making Director, Photography :
Masataka Kato
Making Director, Photography :
Toshihiko Kubo
Making Editor :
Nobuo Mita
Interactive Producer :
Yusuke Yamanaka
Producer Assistant :
Kazuki Shirahata
Interactive Designer :
Yuri Morimoto
Technical Director :
Takanubu Noso
Technical Director :
Masashi Ohashi
Developer :
Kiki Hasegawa
Motion Designer :
Takayuki Kitai
System :
Masaharu Kinoshita
System :
Jun Takashima
Device Producer :
Kenjiro Matsuo
Device Engineer :
Shunichi Yamamoto

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