Twitter is poking fun at this campaign listing all the things you miss about the office

Dettol's 'Keep Protecting' outdoor campaign by McCann has gone viral

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Sep 03, 2020

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An outdoor campaign by Dettol, the Reckitt Benckiser-owned disinfectant brand, has gone viral today on U.K. Twitter—but for all the wrong reasons.

The long copy ad, part of a new campaign via McCann London with the tagline "Keep Protecting," lists things that people have apparently been missing about office life, including "caffeine-filled air," "seeing your second family," "watercooler conversations" and "hearing buzzwords." 

The campaign, which debuted last weekend, aims to promoting good hygiene habits and is described by Dettol as one that "reminds us all about the little things we have missed, previously insignificant moments of everyday life." But it seems it misjudged the mood of a nation reluctant to go back into offices after the pandemic.  After the ad was spotted on London Underground and posted on Twitter, people started weighing in with comments and even their own versions. 

Comments included "Thank you, Dettol, for convincing me to work from home forever," while others rewrote the copy with lines such as "Hearing an alarm. Screaming into the abyss." Some compared the style to the opening lines of "Trainspotting," rewriting it as "Choose working from home. Choose emailing in your pants. Choose a better life."

Another user mocked up their own version, listing the benefits of WFH, including "Laying in bed an extra hour" and "Avoiding your boss's David Brent-style jokes" and ending with the tagline "Go back to the office whenever the hell you feel safe ie 2022."