This elaborate ad rolls back time to find out if the chicken or egg came first

French retailer U Shops attempts to answer an age-old question with campaign from TBWA

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Jan 05, 2021

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? French retailer U Shops tackles that age-old question in a fun new spot out of TBWA/Paris. While it might not find the answer, it has a lot of fun doing it.

The ad rolls back time, putting hens, chicks and eggs into reverse through scenarios from different decades centuries; an egg rolls past soldiers in the First World War trenches, a chick runs out of the skirts of an 18th century aristocrat, and we see the Vikings and cavemen (each charmingly recreated by directors Hungry Beards) with the egg periodically popping back into the chicken (that's gotta hurt). 

Finally, we reach a prehistoric chicken, but we don't get an answer; the whole spot is just an entertainingly long-winded way of pointing out that all of U Shops' eggs come from free-range hens. The long-form film will be followed by four shorter versions focusing more on the origins of different products: milk, a baguette and frozen green beans as well as the egg.

The spot is just the latest example of food retailers' attempts to highlight their commitment to animal welfare in recent years—the U.K.'s Waitrose for example put webcams on farm animals a few years ago.


Jan 05, 2021
Client :
U Shops
Agency :
U Brand :
Sandrine Burgat
U Brand :
Laurene de Demandolx
U Brand :
Céline Guérin-Vaney
TBWA\Paris :
Anne Vincent
TBWA\Paris :
Mattheo Pressmar
TBWA\Paris :
Adrien Marsaud
TBWA\Paris :
Meryl Conrad
Executive Creative Director :
Benjamin Marchal
Executive Creative Director :
Faustin Claverie
Art Director :
Sébastien Guinet
Copywriter :
Josselin Pacreau
Production :
Filmmaker :
Hungry Beards
Jean Paul Agostini
CEO & Producer \Else :
Maxime Boiron
Production Director :
Tristan Voisin
Post Production :
Digital District
Post Production :
Post-Producer :
Dorothée Semezis
Post-Producer :
Mélanie Bernard
3D :
Digital District
Sounds :
Head of Music and Sounds :
Olivier Lefebvre
Sound Producer :
Fanny Mithois
Sound Producer :
Yann Levasseur
Sound Art Director :
Ferdinand Huet
Sound Engineer & Sound Designer :
Alexandre Robieux
Music Composition :
Ludovic Bource
Media Agency :

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