Uber Eats' quirky ads show people embracing their downtime awaiting takeout

Campaign from Mother encourages you to 'do less' when awaiting a delivery

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Oct 11, 2022

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Since they flourished during the pandemic, food delivery companies have experienced trickier times as people returning to restaurant dining and curbed their takeout habits.

So Uber Eats' new U.K. campaign takes a different approach to why you should order a delivery; it gives you more downtime as you wait for your delivery, rather than going out or cooking dinner.

A series of ads by Mother London presents us with some quirky examples of what that downtime might consist of: it might include honing your dancing skills, embracing your penchant for weird nail art, or performing in front of your parrot.



The campaign, by Mother London, was directed by comedy veteran, Biscuit's Andreas Nilsson.


It also includes some out-of-home ads, with bold typography featuring headlines including ‘Downtime is served, ‘Dishes that take one thing off your plate’ and ‘Sweet f*** all never tasted so sweet’.


Uber Eats billboard for their


“After lockdown, we all seem to have accelerated back to a hustle culture of more more more," said Martin Rose, who worked on creative at Mother London, in a statement. "Rather than aiding that, we wanted to focus on the opposite, the joy of doing less."

A gif showing two Uber Eats screen ads on outdoor train platforms for their

"We wanted all the work to feel effortless and have space to breathe - films without unnecessary cuts, posters without too much fuss - creating refreshing pauses in a climate of noise,” added Mother's Hannay Tarpey.

Uber Eats billboard for their


Uber Eats billboard for their


Uber Eats billboard for their