A same-sex wedding forces families to confront their longstanding prejudice (but it's not what you think)

Uber's short film 'Romeo & Julio' is more lighthearted than it first appears

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Apr 11, 2019

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A short film from Uber sets families against each other as two men plan their wedding together. At first, the story seems a harrowing one of bigotry and fathers set in their ways. But it actually turns out to be about a completely different kind of prejudice. 

For over a century, two local football clubs have fought for the hearts of fans in Seville, Spain. Betis Balompié and Sevilla F.C. have inspired love from the devoted and hatred from opponents since the two teams met at their first derby match in 1915. (Seville won 4-3, and no one’s forgotten it.)

The rivalry has gotten so heated in the past that it’s been compared to a blood feud. Families take sides and don’t budge for generations. But now the two clubs want to bring both sets of fans together, even if they won’t change who they're rooting for.

This fierce team loyalty is what's really driving the consternation of the betrothed mens' families—not their sexuality (same-sex marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005). The engaged couple's clans support rival teams.

The spot was directed by Fernando Colomo for agency Shackleton and builds on Uber's concept: "There is football. Let's go." The spot is running ahead of the next derby game on April 14. Let’s hope the collaboration lasts through the final whistle.