These scented candles aim to transport you to all the places you're missing

Fragrances meant to evoke the pub, cinema and music festival in charity project by Uncommon

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May 13, 2020

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With no sign of pubs, cinemas or music festivals reopening any time soon in the U.K., people who are longing for those places can try to get their fix another way. 

"Scents of Normality" is a trio of scented candles, created by Uncommon together with home fragrance brand Earl of East, that's meant to evoke the fragrances of the places we miss most during lockdown. The three varieties are the Local (i.e. local pub), The Cinema, and the Festival. The candles can be purchased online for 45 pounds ($55), with each including a donation to charity Hospitality Action, which is helping the shut-down hospitality sector. 

Packaging features some witty fragrance descriptors. The Cinema scent is described as "a heady fusion of popcorn, foam banana and the allium tang of adolescent boredom." The Local "embraces notes of spilt beer, urinal block and cheap rosé freckled with cigarette ash." And the Festival fragrance offers up "a floral haze of cut grass, burned skin and sun-warmed cider with just the merest shimmer of distant portaloo." The copy will also feature in print ads out later this month. 

A team of international designers worked on the packaging, including Portland-based illustrator and graphic designer, Lan Truong, London-based illustrator Thomas Hedger and Vancouver-based designer Victoria Sieczka.



May 13, 2020
Client :
Uncommon x Earl of East
Charity Partner :
Hospitality Action
Photographer :
Catherine Losing
The Festival illustrated by :
Lan Truong
The Local illustrated by :
Thomas Hedger
The Cinema illustrated by :
Victoria Sieczka
Printer :
Agency :

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