Under Armour celebrates Baltimore culture in Black History Month collection

The brand developed the range with with its photographer Devin Allen

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Jan 29, 2021

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Under Armour has developed a special fashion collection for Black History Month this year, partnering with one of its own photographers, Devin Allen, to celebrate the culture of its company hometown of Baltimore.

The collection, UNDR ARMR x DVNLLN, aims to celebrates the resilience of Black culture through sports in the Baltimore, as captured by Allen's photography. Allen gained national attention when his photograph of the Baltimore Uprising was published on the cover of “Time” in May 2015. He is active in the local community, focusing his efforts on empowering young people to tell their stories through photography.

The collection includes footwear and apparel for men, women, adult and youth, featuring Allen’s original photography of the city's  youth athletes. The product team not only incorporated Allen's original art but also focused on Baltimore's “grit, grime, and spirit of resilience” with a minimalist color palette, textures and materials echoing the streets and Allen’s photography.

"I wanted people from places like Baltimore, Oakland, Chicago, and Detroit to be proud of their cities. Because our communities have so much to offer, so much to celebrate,” said Allen in a statement. “Photography can open doors. By teaching kids how to document the world, express themselves, and capture what they see, we can strengthen their futures through art."

The collection will be available for purchase at UA.com and in Under Armour Brand House stores on Feb. 5. It will be promoted via PR and social channels.