Under the Surface

Security in a New Light

Published On
Jan 30, 2024


It goes without saying that managing an organization’s data security is… kinda complex.

And with drastic changes like company mergers and the move to remote workforces, organizations’ “attack surfaces” are constantly expanding, presenting more vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. IBM Randori gives businesses a comprehensive view of their attack surface – things they know and don’t know about, while also prioritizing the targets that are most tempting to an attacker. It’s a powerful software. And we needed an equally powerful way to talk about it. 

Introducing Under the Surface: an interactive experience that immerses users into real attack surface data, gives them the ability to see what an attacker sees, and shows how Randori empowers them to take action before an attacker does. By visualizing the data in a way it’s never been seen before, and allowing users to essentially ‘touch the tech’, we were able to pair the emotional vulnerability of the threat landscape with the control that Randori provides its users. 

With Ultra Leap technology, users are able to grab, rotate, dive into and uncover key security insights in ways they never had.Through storytelling, ambient sound design and dynamic visualizations, they learn exactly how Randori functions, while also experiencing first-hand just how powerful the tech is. 

And by leveraging real, blinded data sets, down to the actual number of IP addresses, host names, targets and all the various pathways a hacker might take to reach those targets, it made the experience that much more relatable and relevant to users.

With Under the Surface, the audience is able to quite literally take the reins on security, and experience how Randori can help them stay steps ahead of a breach.

And in an anxiety-ridden security world, there’s nothing more valuable. 

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