Best of 2014 #6 Interactive/Integrated/Social: Sony Develops Cute Apps to Show Off Its Waterproof Phone

Play Games in the Bath or Sing Karaoke in the Rain

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Aug 20, 2014

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At #6 in Interactive/Integrated, to show off the waterproof qualities of the Sony Xperia smartphones, Wieden & Kennedy, Portland created this series of inventive apps and games that could only work when the handsets were submerged in water.

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As ruining your smartphone by dropping it in water becomes a thing of the past, smartphone manufacturers are having fun showing off their waterproof handsets this summer. First Samsung challenged Zurich-dwellers to take an underwater selfie. And now Sony has developed a set of cute apps for its Xperia Z1S handsets, that tell you when the phone is in, or out, of water.

The suite of underwater apps includes Goldie, an on-screen fish who gets happy when the phone is submerged, and starts flipping around when it's taken out; a "Tiny Umbrella" that you can put on your phone when it's raining; Plantimal, a mutant creature which you can make grow by watering every day and Sink Sunk, a tiny submarine game you can play in the bath. Rainy-oke lets you sing karaoke in the rain, and Photo Lab lets you "develop" photos by dunking the phone in water. Each app is being promoted by a 30-second video, developed by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, which also helped create the apps.


Aug 20, 2014
Brand :
Sony Xperia
Client :
Sony Xperia
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Portland
Creative Director :
Mike Giepert
Creative Director :
Dan Hon
Creative Director :
Chris Mitton
Copywriter :
Charlie Gschwend
Art Director :
Devin Gillespie
UX Lead :
Jason Sack
Head of Interactive Production :
Pierre Wendling
Interactive Producer :
Tricia Huetig
Interactive Producer :
Andrew Abraham
Director, Strategy :
Anibal Casso
Interactive Strategist :
Justin Micklish
Interactive Strategist :
Matt Hisamoto
Comms Planning :
Lisa Christy
Associate Director, Technology :
Ryan Bowers
Quality Assurance :
Robb Hand
Quality Assurance :
Rachel Mason
Quality Assurance :
Pete Hensing
Executive Creative Director :
Andrew Plimmer
Lead Developer :
Tim Hobbs
Art Director :
Monique Browne
Development Partner :
Digital Creative :
Billy McDermott
Producer :
Jen Fiske
Director :
Sean Pecknold
Executive Creative Director :
Susan Hoffman
Executive Creative Director :
Joe Staples
Production Company :
The Academy
Editorial Company :
Development Partner :

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