Michael Phelps, Simone Manuel and Katie Ledecky Were Once Kids, Too

Ad for USA Swimming Reminds Us They All Started Somewhere

Published On
Aug 12, 2016

Editor's Pick

Watching the tremendous, historic feats of USA Swimming team's Olympians in Rio -- including Michael Phelps' shattering of a 2,168-year-old record after winning his 22nd Gold medal, Katie Ledecky's gold medal haul and Simone Manuel's victory as the first African-American woman to win an individual swimming event -- it's hard to imagine that these super humans were once newbies.

But this ad from USA Swimming and Colle+McVoy, released earlier this summer, reminds us that the champions started somewhere. It cleverly pairs old footage of the athletes training and competing as kids with sports announcers' enthusiastic play-by-plays of their more recent, impressive accomplishments.

It's a nice message that glory could be in your (or your children's) reach too, and sends viewers to Swimtoday.org, a resource for finding local swim club and training information. The ad calls swimming the "funnest" sport. In the case of this Olympics, it's turned out to be just that.