This haunting film about children's relationship with nature will make you want to throw open a window

Latest film for Skylight brand Velux encourages consumers to let the outside back in

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May 08, 2019

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Velux, the skylight brand, painted a portrait of a dystopian world without natural light in last year's "Indoor Generation" spot. Now it's back with another film in the same vein, this time emphasizing how home design has meant we've lost touch with nature.

The three-minute piece, once again created by Danish agency &Co and directed by Bacon's Martin de Thurah, depicts how children’s relationships with nature have evolved over time. With a child serving as narrator, it shows a group of kids who go from playing outside in the elements to the children of today, shut up in darkened rooms playing computer games, who "spend 90 per cent of our lives indoors."

Like the previous film, it's thought-provoking stuff. De Thurah's direction also makes for a more haunting tale as we see the artificial light from a fridge and computers setting children's faces aglow, or a kid miserably eating a bird-shaped chicken nugget against the backdrop of woodsy wallpaper—scenes that will make you want to throw open a window. 

The campaign is further supported by a new website,, which includes articles on home design bringing nature back in, as well as influencer partnerships in four key markets (the U.K., Germany, France and the Netherlands) and a global PR campaign.


May 08, 2019
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