Jarring New Ad Shines Light on a Different Kind of Domestic Violence

Dare's Spot for Mankind is a Big Eye-Opener about the Abused

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May 23, 2014

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Most domestic violence ads we see shed light on female victims of male abusers, but this new ad from Dare, for charity Mankind, opens our eyes to the fact that women aren't the only ones who suffer.

The spot opens on a couple strolling through the park and engaged in a heated fight in which the man starts to physically attack the woman. Onlookers quickly rush to her aid. But the latter part of the spot reverses the couple's roles, and the reaction of passersby will surprise you.

According to the agency, the commercial was inspired by the recent, much-publicized tussle bewteen Solange Knowles and her brother-in-law JayZ and asks, what happens if tables had been turned?

Said Chief Creative Officer Sean Thompson in a statement, "The facts speak loud and clear. 60% of domestic violence is against women. And 40% is against men. 100% of domestic violence is wrong. Violence is violence."


May 23, 2014

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