An Online Shopper Has an Extraordinary Reaction to Using Her Credit Card in This Bizarre Banking Ad

A Memorable Way to Promote Internet Payments

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Sep 08, 2017

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The latest ad from Norway's DNB Bank (whose work we've featured before) gets bizarre to illustrate what it must feel like to shop in old-school ways (that is, pay with a credit card).

The spot starts in fairly realistic fashion with a young couple at home -- she's on her laptop on the sofa and he's in the kitchen. Rather lazily, she asks him to grab her credit card from her purse in the hall because he's "already standing up." He refuses and asks her to get it herself. An argument looms on the brink, but just as you think this is all going to take an Ibsen-esqe turn into Scandi noir drama, the whole scenario gets very bizarre as she deflates like a balloon into the sofa.

The point of this? She's "feeling deflated" by her boyfriend's attitude, but she needn't be, because she could be using the bank's Vipps system -- which means you don't need a credit card. Kind of a roundabout way to get the message across -- but it's certainly memorable.

The ad is by Oslo agency Pol, and the directors were Matias & Mathias via Bacon (which is also responsible for the VFX).


Sep 08, 2017
Brand :
DNB Bank
Client :
DNB Bank
Agency :
Creative :
Janne Brenda Lysø
Creative :
Stian Johansen
Project Manager :
Ina Egelandsdal
Project Manager :
Monika Augustinsson
Production Company :
Director :
Matias & Mathias
Producer :
Magne Lyngner
Producer :
Mari Grundnes Paus
Visual Effects Supervisor :
Jonas Drehn
Visual Effects :
Bacon X
Effects :
Post Producer :
Øystein Dyb
Director, Photography :
Daniel Voldheim
Editor :
Patrick Larsgaard
Sound Designer :
Andreas Waag Martinsen
Colorist :
Hannibal Lang
Online :
Ola Jacob Nestande

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