Martin Freeman shows off some serious ice-skating moves in Vodafone's holiday spot

The 'Hobbit' star returns in ad promoting the mobile brand's network reliability

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Nov 15, 2018

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Martin Freeman is back in another Vodafone ad, and this time he unveils a hidden talent for ice-skating. 

The "Hobbit" star appeared in a series of ads this time last year which saw him finding romance, and now the couple reappear in a holiday spot set in a charming country village (it was filmed in Aldbourne, Wiltshire), where there's an ice rink.

It starts off with the usual scenario of Freeman not realizing how easy it is to do things with a Vodafone connection (why hasn't he realized this yet, a whole year later?). This time, he is worried that he hasn't bought a present for his girlfriend's Auntie Sue, who unexpectedly arrives. "She already hates me," he mutters. However, his girlfriend can still get online with her Vodafone 4G network, even in darkest Wiltshire, and she orders something in a matter of seconds. A jubilant Freeman  then takes to the ice and performs a series of impressive skating moves. 

The spot is by Ogilvy London and is part of a wider integrated campaign by WPP Team Red. It was directed by Gary Freedman via Independent.