VW Makes a Dad's Dream Come True With an Auto-Braking Stroller

Baby Gear Goes Hi-Tech in Fun Stunt

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Aug 07, 2015

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Last April, Volkswagen Netherlands and its agency Achtung launched a brand campaign, "You expect more when you drive a Volkswagen," in which parents expected all their household products to have similar features to their VW vehicles. One mother, for example, wondered why strollers don't have auto-braking like the cars.

A Facebook fan then responded to the ad saying that of course strollers should have that feature, so VW and Achtung decided to make his dreams come true. In this fun stunt, they outfitted a Maxi Cosi pram with not just auto-braking but also adaptive cruise control, so the stroller always follows behind the parent, but not too closely to ruin his or her stride.