Voodoo Ranger made the world’s strongest can of IPA, and is now trying to crush it

Fortified by half an inch of steel, the can—endorsed by the world’s strongest man—has resisted efforts so far to destroy it

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Dec 12, 2023
Product shot of Voodoo Ranger's World's Strongest Can of IPA

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Voodoo Ranger makes some pretty strong beers. And now it has a can to match.

Working with agency Opinionated, the flagship beer from Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing Company recently built what it claims is the world’s strongest can of IPA. The 19.2-ounce Imperial IPA can weighs 14 pounds and is reinforced by half an inch of steel. It’s even endorsed by Mitchell Hooper, winner of the 2023 World's Strongest Man contest.

The can sure seems indestructible. So, of course the brand is asking for ideas from fans on how to destroy it. It’s resisted all such efforts so far.

According to press materials, it “scoffs at 100 tons of pressure from a hydraulic press, shrugs off molten glass showers, and laughs in the face of a flamethrower blazing at 3400°F.”


Opinionated worked with sculptor Scott Foster to make the can. Agency founder Mark Fitzloff said Foster had his own crush-test suggestions—such as a steam roller, a tank and a monster truck.

“Cooler budgetary heads prevailed,” Fitzloff told Ad Age. “Scott also predicted we’d need at least a 100-ton hydraulic press to even make a dent. We got access to a 45-ton press, and as predicted, it didn’t do much of anything to the can.”

The worst part of the process for Foster, added Fitzloff, was “watching all the videos we sent him of people trying to crush the shit out of his creation.”

The videos, including attempts by Friday Beers, Gojzer, Legendary Shots and Nick Uhas, are being posted to strongestcanofipa.com. Fitzloff said his favorite is one where the can is drenched in molten glass.

One Voodoo Ranger fan who offers a suggestion for how to destroy the can will actually win it. Hopefully it’s still in one piece by then. 


Dec 12, 2023
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New Belgium Brewing Company
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