The Wall Street Journal encourages readers to ‘Trust Your Decisions’ in new brand campaign

Effort by The&Partnership aims to reinforce its purpose of being the source of truth for decision-makers

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Apr 26, 2021

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Today, the Wall Street Journal unveiled a new campaign encouraging its readers and potential subscribers to “Trust Your Decisions.”

The campaign debuts amid a period of membership growth for the publication. It also follows research conducted by the WSJ that found that consumers are now questioning how, if and when they should act on making crucial decisions in finance, investing, their careers and health. The research found that sixty percent of prospective members postponed such decisions until the coronavirus pandemic passed. WSJ members, however, were more likely to see opportunity at such crisis moments. 

“The Journal plays a significant role in readers’ lives, providing them with the knowledge and insight they need to take action,” says Suzi Watford, Dow Jones EVP, Consumer. “We need to reassert that and also introduce the Journal to an audience that needs it now more than ever.”

Watford adds that the new campaign also arrives in time for the 25th anniversary of Today, 2.46 million of the organization’s 3.22million members are digital only. 

The effort, created out of The&Partnership, follows “Read Yourself,” the publication’s last brand push from 2019 that encouraged readers to look past the din of digital overload. 

“With Trust Your Decisions, we’re really reinforcing our purpose of being the source of truth for decision-makers,” Watford says. “It's an inclusive way of thinking about both our current members but also prospects and those who may be reading the Journal or experiencing our content for the first time. It's something tangible that everyone can instantly connect with. Whether you’re deciding where to invest your money, contemplating a career move or questioning whether you want to relocate to a new city, chances are you are in the midst of making a big decision. And the goal of this campaign is to showcase how the Journal can help you at every stage in that process, providing readers with the knowledge, insight and inspiration they need to take action.”

The campaign will appear across  out of home, print, digital and social. An anthem film and other activations will debut in the coming weeks.