WhatsApp addresses the blue bubble versus green bubble debate in ad featuring cast of ‘Modern Family’

Spoiler alert: the right answer is neither

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Jun 21, 2024

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Blue bubble or green bubble? There’s only one right answer. Neither, according to a new campaign from WhatsApp featuring the cast of “Modern Family.” 

In a campaign film shot in the style of the popular sitcom, the cast members from “Modern Family” navigate the inevitably awkward situation of referring to a group chat in real life only to reveal someone was left out, due in part to bubble color discrimination. 

The national campaign called “The Family Chat,” which launched on June 18, highlights the struggle of trying to make family group chats with people who have different types of phones. Of course, the only solution is to use WhatsApp, which is device-neutral and has almost identical interfaces on iOS and Android. 


The humorous ad addresses real concerns expressed by families everywhere when dealing with diverse phone groups: Clunky photo or message reactions such as “Emphasized an image” or “Liked a message,” no easy way to video call, low-resolution photos and videos or the inability to edit a message. 

In addition to the campaign film, which is running across online video, behind the scenes footage of the “Modern Family” shoots will be available across WhatsApp’s social media handles.