Dirty Dishes Never Looked So Amazing

Year's Worth of Family's Filthy Dishware Make Entertaining Viewing for Finish Detergent

Published On
Aug 12, 2015

Editor's Pick

Cleaning dishes is a dirty business, which is why consumers are encouraged to think about the state of their hardworking dishwashers and not just the state of their dishes in a new spot by Wieden & Kennedy London and directed by RGB6.

The visually inventive ad, for Reckitt Benckiser's Finish Dishwasher Cleaner, imagines what a whole year of dirty dishes looks like, viewed from the dishwasher's point of view.

We see different family members loading mucky plates, greasy pans, and sticky bowls, while in the kitchen behind, the family is depicted in various domestic scenarios -- cleaning up after a birthday party, back from a day at the beach, Christmas preparations, or a regular family breakfast, all stylishly imagined and set to a background of quirky music.

The voiceover says, "Every year a dishwasher cleans over 8,000 dirty items," but who cleans the cleaner?" Wieden & Kennedy's brief was to remind consumers that all those dirty dishes create a build-up of hidden grime, and to encourage consumers to keep their dishwashers clean.