Why Frida Mom, the pregnancy and baby brand, cast adult film stars for its new campaign

The brand finds a better way to demo its pregnancy and postpartum wellness products, including at-home insemination kits

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Apr 11, 2024
Image of an adult film star using a cell phone camera

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A pregnancy and baby product brand casting adult film stars in a campaign sounds like a gimmick pulled straight from the “sex sells” marketing playbook.

But for Frida Mom, a pregnancy and postpartum wellness company that sells products such as perineal massage wands and at-home insemination kits, casting women comfortable with showing their private parts on camera was a necessity. 

Chelsea Hirschhorn, Frida founder and CEO, believes it’s tough to learn from a vague diagram how to do something as intimate as stretching a perineum (the area between the vulva and anus) with a massage wand to prevent tearing that can happen during childbirth.

So instead, Frida opted to create up-close-and-personal videos with real women—in this case, adult film stars—demonstrating how to use Frida’s products for these intimate processes on a new age-gated website, fridauncensored.com.

A woman in one of Frida Mom's new videos

The adult film stars in the videos demonstrate how to handle other processes using Frida products, including at-home insemination and how to cleanse a postpartum vagina. The videos and images are not illustrated, blurred, animated, pixelated or in any way censored—rather, they’re zoomed in and detailed. 

​​Frida Mom lives under the Frida master brand that also includes Frida Baby, a company that sells products for newborns including baby toothbrushes and baby bathtubs.

A warning before one of Frida Mom's new videos

The “Frida Uncensored” content was shot on an all-female set. Frida worked closely with the non-profit Center for Intimacy Justice on the effort. The Center for Intimacy Justice helps fund research and change legislation to bring more transparency to women’s health education. 

Promoting the website is important to Frida, but ad platforms censoring women’s health content have historically made it a difficult process for the company. While organic postings about the new site and educational platform have gone up on the brand’s Instagram and TikTok accounts, a Frida spokesperson told Ad Age that views and reach on TikTok have gone down drastically compared to their account averages before they posted this content.


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That’s not something Frida is unfamiliar with. In 2020, the brand claimed to have had an Oscars ad rejected due to partial nudity and product demonstration. However, Frida has made progress with pushing its creative forward, too: It says it was the first brand to show a woman lactating on prime-time television during the Golden Globes in 2021, and it previously worked with Sports Illustrated to feature a woman in a bathing suit with a C-section scar.

“Women don’t have access to accurate educational content about their bodies, much less to content that teaches them how to use the products to support them during these physically transformative life stages,” Hirschhorn said in a statement. “Until that type of content becomes more widely available and accessible to women, we’ll invest in creating and hosting our own.”

She continued: “This is just a continuation of our content crusade, with the hope that this platform becomes a library that houses all types of educational content for women throughout their motherhood journey. Our ultimate goal is that Frida and other brands like ours can accurately and honestly educate women on their own bodies.”