Wingstop is ready for the crazy 4/20 customers, judging by its amusing ‘training video’

Malcolm Hempstead, director of ‘highspitality,’ gives counter staff some survival tips in excellent comic parody

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Apr 20, 2023
A customer looking confused while ordering at Wingstop

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Doing 4/20 campaigns well is harder than it looks—it’s such well-worn territory, with clichés that are mostly pretty stale. It’s nice, then, to see Wingstop find a fresh and funny way in.

Its 4/20 film, made by VaynerMedia with Wingstop’s in-house team, is presented as a training video for staff to prepare for the onslaught of 4/20 customers—who are expected to be giggly, confused, overly chatty or maybe all of the above. This fun conceit is paid off by the actually fairly restrained performances—in particular, the guy playing Malcolm Hempstead, Wingstop’s supposed “director of highspitality,” who’s leading the training.

The guy playing various incarnations of the high customer is good, too. And it’s all wrapping up in a grainy look with the kind of cheesy graphics common to so many corporate videos.


The video also fits in lots of seamless mentions of the Wingstop Hot Box, a new menu item made for 4/20 specifically (it’s available today through Sunday) that “satisfies the most-craved munchie hankerings, tingling taste buds with spicy, cheesy, salty and natural herb flavors,” the chain says. (It includes chicken tossed in a spicy, cheesy dry  and fries drizzled in a “spicy lit ranch,” topped with hot cheese puff dust and a natural herb seasoning.)

“It’s no secret that our fans celebrate this holiday with Wingstop in hand,” said Michael Skipworth, Wingstop’s president & CEO. “We’re serious about serving flavor and 4/20 is no exception. This year, we’re going the extra mile with the specially made Wingstop Hot Box with amped up flavor to accompany—or enhance—fans’ holiday celebrations.”

Just be sure to order it politely when you’re there.