Guinness Encourages Malaysians to Make Friends With a St. Patrick's Day Fridge

Buy Five Bottles, Get One for a Stranger

Published On
Mar 14, 2016

Editor's Pick

Guinness has been encouraging Malaysians to celebrate St. Patrick's Day via a special refrigerator that gets people to gift a bottle to a complete stranger. The "World's Friendliest Fridge," which is doing the rounds of Irish bars all this month in Malaysia, will hand out a free beer to a "new friend" as long as you buy five bottles yourself. The campaign, by Ogilvy Malaysia, also allows the person responsible for buying a drink for the next person to record a personalised message that will be shown to the stranger.

Pehaps a big ask on any other day of the year, but for Guinness on St. Patrick's Day, this might just work.