Terry Crews Is an Exploding Yule Log in Old Spice's Hour-Long Holiday Film

Seasonal, Shouty Madness From W&K

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Nov 22, 2017

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Old Spice is getting in on the craze for Yule Log videos that's taken off in recent years with one of its own-- an hour-long film starring Terry Crews as an exploding yule log.

As you might expect, Crews is typically shouty and crazy, and what with constant explosions, it's about as far from the idea of a relaxing yule log video on your screen as you could get. But, rather like Old Spice's Invisible Movie, we're guessing it's less about actually sitting through the thing (unless you happen to be a really hard core Crews fan) and more about the fact that they did it. As usual, Wieden & Kennedy is responsible.

Other brands to have climbed on the Yule Log video bandwagon in the past couple of years include Jimmy Dean sausages, Lagavulin and Netflix.