Your zip code can affect your whole life, says this thought-provoking YMCA campaign

Latest film by Droga5 illustrates social disparity in America

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Nov 15, 2018

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The YMCA illustrates graphically how just one number in your zip code can affect your whole life, in a thought-provoking new spot promoting the message that it exists to make a difference.

Directed by L.A.-based director Spencer Creigh for Droga5, the film contrasts a vast array neighborhoods which are starkly different, yet differ by just one digit -- for example within Los Angeles there is affluent Beverly Hills (90210) and poorer Compton (90220.) The montage contrasts lifestyles, the kind of school you might go to, whether the life is urban or rural, the different dreams and the different problems that you might have. "In America, the zip code you're born in could determine your future," explains the voiceover. It goes to explain that the Y is there to help kids from all backgrounds and to make a difference to their futures.

In addition to the TV ad, the campaign includes several radio spots, digital assets and social media content, featuring kids, adults and families who are members of the Y. It's part of Droga5's ongoing campaign for the Y, which has included several hard-hitting spots highlighting underprivileged communities.

“One Number Different” highlights the disparity we see all across the country, sometimes in communities we serve that are just blocks apart,” said Valerie Barker Waller, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Y-USA. “At the Y, we believe that the zip code you are born into should not determine your destiny or limit your potential, and want to showcase the impactful work we do in thousands of communities to close those gaps.”