Yotpo’s new B2B campaign was inspired by Wes Anderson films

New work promotes the e-commerce marketing platform’s increased focus on improving clients’ text messaging strategies

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Feb 16, 2024
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The “You better not act like you’re in a Wes Anderson film” TikTok trend from last summer has found a new home in e-commerce marketing platform Yotpo’s new AI-assisted ad campaign.

A 53-second spot shot in a similar style as acclaimed director Wes Anderson’s films (think: bright colors, symmetry, vignettes) introduces a man who is clearly a cat person. All is well with him and his feline friends in their colorful, Anderson-style home—until he gets a random text message from a brand insinuating that he has a dog.


“The Frown” and similar Yotpo videos will air on CTV channels, as well as organic and paid social media placements and out-of-home. The campaign promotes Yotpo’s increased focus on helping marketers improve their text messaging strategies. 

Yotpo is doubling down on SMS marketing with new features released in November that help with retention for Yotpo SMS customers and others. Yotpo has also reimagined its customer service offering for SMS marketing to better analyze customer subscribers, according to Kim Winter, Yotpo’s VP of product marketing. 

Brands including Princess Polly and Dime currently use Yotpo’s platform to help implement their digital marketing strategies. 

Shiri Schnur, Yotpo’s VP of brand and design, said it was “entirely intentional” to base the visuals off Anderson’s, adding that the team wanted the work to have “a distinct and eye-catching style that would pop up no matter where you encountered it.”

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The Anderson-style trailers for non-Anderson movies such as “Star Wars” on Curious Refuge’s YouTube channel inspired the Yotpo team to try the trend themselves, Schnur said.

The campaign was created using a number of AI tools to ensure the style was consistent throughout. These included ChatGPT, which helped write and adapt the scripts; ElevenLabs, which created the voiceovers; Midjourney, which was used for storyboarding and later the styling of each video (including the characters, wardrobe, scene, color schemes and more); and Runway, which animated the static images created in Midjourney.

Yotpo worked with ad agency Penguin to create the campaign and help direct the AI efforts.

“We learned a lot from them through this process, one key lesson being that while AI allows you to bring your vision to life exceptionally, it cannot—at least not yet—replace creative minds and operators,” Schnur said. “It has become a powerful tool that saves time, money and ensures quality and vision are not compromised.”

Without revealing spending figures, Schnur said Yotpo would have spent two and a half times as much on a full classic set and film creation, and it would have taken twice as long to produce.

The campaign rolled out Feb. 13 and will run through March 15. See other assets below.

Yotpo print ad

Yotpo print ad


Feb 16, 2024
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