This Coke Zero Ad Imagines A Parallel Life for Soccer Star Manuel Neuer

Lighthearted Spot Invites Us to 'Seize What's Possible'

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Sep 22, 2015

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This lighthearted German spot for Coke Zero imagines an alternate life for soccer star Manuel Neuer, if he hadn't become a professional player and now Germany's national goalkeeper. In this parallel universe, Neuer is working in a software company, where he's pretty good at 45 minute presentations, going bowling with his colleagues after work and watching soccer at weekends.

A sip of Coke Zero gives him a brief glimpse of his other self, and the end ads with the tagline "You gotta try to seize what's possible."

It was created by Plantage Berlin for Coca-Cola Germany, which has been working with Neuer as a spokesman since 2012.