Zappos Makes Shoes and Clothing Easier With 'Adaptive' Collection

Range Caters to People Who Have Challenges Getting Dressed

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Apr 27, 2017

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Zappos is catering to the needs of people who have challenges getting dressed every day with a range of "adaptive" clothing and shoes.

Zappos Adaptive was created in response to a customer who said that she would like something for her grandson who had trouble tying shoelaces.

Products include reversible clothing for people who have trouble reaching their back, tagless clothing for those who are bothered by tags, "sensory-friendly" fabrics and laceless shoes. They have been designed for people with a range of conditions including autism, diabetes and mobility issues. Within the range are brands including 4Ward, created by a Zappos buyer and designer, and Independence Day, created by a former CNN journalist, Lauren Thierry, who has an autistic son.

The launch comes just as Nike announced the winner of its Ease Challenge, a design contest that invited people to submit design innovations for shoes for "athletes of all abilities."