Spread the word with reprints of your firm's press coverage in Ad Age. Reprints are a great way to promote your brand and build company morale.

Use reprints for:

  • Sales and marketing promotional pieces
  • Direct mail enclosures
  • Post to "News Section" of your website
  • Promote a new product
  • Send in an e-mail or e-newsletter

For more information, please contact Laura Picariello at 732-723-0569 or [email protected].

Reprint Options

Hard Copy

Customized reproductions of an article available in 4-color, 2-color or black & white. We can customize your reprint by highlighting text, adding a disclaimer or corporate logo.


Spread the good news quickly. Email a PDF of your feature or post a pdf to the news section of your website for a specified time frame.

Framed Reprints

An effective way to showcase your great press in a public area in all of your office locations for all to admire. Multiple finish options available.

Logo Licensing

Highlight your honor all year long. License a custom special report logo or the Ad Age logo to post to your website, social media, email signature, electronic or print correspondence and more.

NOTE: The Ad Age logo and Section Logos are copyrighted and owned by Ad Age/Crain. Please do not use without permission.