One of the biggest advantages of being a small agency is having more hands-on time with clients, less red tape and the ability to be nimble. But as these agencies grow more successful they need to confront the headaches of larger agencies. On July 17 and 18 in Marina del Rey, California, Ad Age hosted its ninth annual Small Agency Conference & Awards to give independent shops the tools they need to survive and thrive.

4A's Management Practitioners Forum: What does your agency stand for?
Steven Erich, Founder and Managing Director, Erich & Kallman
Kimberly Jones, President, Butler/Till
Patrick Kiss, President and Partner, BSSP
Moderator: Tim Leake, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, RPA
4A's Management Practitioners Forum: How to market your agency
Toni Lee, President, Toni Lee Communications
Janet Northen, Executive VP-Director of Agency Communications, McKinney
Rebecca Sullivan, Principal, Rebecca Sullivan PR
Moderator: Tim Leake, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, RPA
So you want to win Small Agency?
Brian Braiker, Editor, Ad Age
Ann-Christine Diaz, Editor, Creativity
Judy Pollack, Deputy Editor, Ad Age
Welcome to the great era of indies: 9 reasons why I decided to go indie
Anselmo Ramos, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Gut
Selling in, selling out
Jean Grabow, President and Managing Partner, Dailey
Ahmad Islam, CEO and Managing Partner, Ten35
Sharon Napier, CEO, Partners & Napier
Moderator: Brian Braiker, Editor, Ad Age
Culture hacking: Creating media spectacles without media budgets
Doug Cameron, Founder, DCX Growth Accelerator
How big do we get before we get bad?
Nancy Hill, Founder, Media Sherpas
Who's the boss: Grooming the next agency leaders
David Eastman, Partner and Chief Operating Officer, BSSP
Cindy Judge, President and CEO, SRG
Christine Wise, Chief Strategy Officer, DNA
Moderator: Ann-Christine Diaz, Editor, Creativity
How Lexus got in on the "Black Panther" action
Mindy Hamilton, Senior VP of Global Partnerships and Marketing, Marvel Entertainment
Aaron Walton, Co-Founder, Walton Isaacson
New-business hustle: How to get on our radar
Andrea Brimmer, Chief Marketing and PR Officer, Ally Financial
Avi Dan, Founder and CEO, Avidan Strategies
Patrick Kelly, Managing Partner and Founder, BarrettSF
Jeremiah Smith, Senior Manager of Associate Brand, Walmart
Moderator: Judy Pollack, Deputy Editor, Ad Age
Fancy that: How one agency hooked up with its signature client
Erica Fite, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Fancy
Katie Keating, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Fancy
Are you paid what you're worth?
Donald Lee, Director of Strategic Sourcing, MDC Partners
Interviewer: Judy Pollack, Deputy Editor, Ad Age
We were a small agency once
Lee Clow, Global Director of Media Arts, TBWA Worldwide and Chairman, TBWA/Media Arts Lab