Agents of change: How the agency business rebounded with a surge in revenue and hiring

Published on April 25, 2022

Agencies have come roaring back, with strong revenue growth across disciplines and record-high U.S. ad agency employment. Ad Age’s 78th annual Agency Report shows who’s on top and where the business is growing and going.

How agencies bounced back

Agencies are showing resilience and relevance amid a marketing revolution

Revenue growth

Revenue growth by discipline. Organic growth by agency company. Digital’s share of agency revenue. Agency growth over time

Biggest companies and networks

World’s 25 largest agency companies. World’s 25 largest agency networks

Agency discipline rankings

Biggest agencies by discipline including digital, media and ad agencies

Agency employment

Ad agency and PR agency employment. Job growth at major agency companies

Think you know agency-speak? Take our transformational quiz

Truth well trolled: Trippin’ on a transformation journey

Datacenter: Full report

State of the agency market. Rankings and analysis for agencies, networks and companies. Exclusive expanded content available to Ad Age Datacenter subscribers

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