All the brands in Super Bowl 2019 so far
By Ad Age Staff. Published on February 2, 2019.

It's less than two weeks until Super Bowl LIII kicks off on CBS from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia and marketers are furiously revealing their Big Game commercial plans.

Here's a look at the advertisers buying ads in the big game. Colgate became the first advertiser to release its full Super Bowl spots, while Pepsi, Avocados From Mexico, Doritos and Bumble have unveiled short teasers.

Our definition of a Super Bowl ad includes all national spots between the coin toss and end of play.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev

Buy: The world's largest brewer will run eight ads, totaling five-minutes, 45 seconds. It also ran several quick-in game plugs, including animated or static graphics, bringing its total exposure to 6 minutes and 25 seconds of air time, which it says makes this its biggest Super Bowl ever.

Creative: ** Budweiser: Released one of its ad on Jan. 23 that touts the use of wind-power in its brewing operations. Bob Dylan's Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" backs the spot, which also includes a dalmation and the brands iconic Clydesdales. It will run as a 45-second spot in the game.

** Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer: Released on Jan. 24, the spot shows two mermaids pitching the newly reformulated hard seltzer to sharks, in a reference to ABC's "Shark Tank."

**Michelob Ultra: Michelob Ultra deploys a trendy sound phenomenon (ASMR) in its ad promoting its Pure Gold line extension. The ad, released on Jan. 28, stars Zoe Kravitz in a lush Hawaiian scene sitting at a desk pouring the brew while accentuating every sound, clinking the bottle with her fingernails and twisting the cap open. It released its first ad on Jan. 25. That spot draws a parallel between robots and people who work out so hard they resemble machines. That's no fun, according to Ultra's point-of-view, expressed at the end of the ad with a scene of a sad-looking robot longingly peering at a bar from the outside in the rain. "It's only worth it if you can enjoy it," states on-screen text. Michelob Ultra will air a second spot in the game.

**Stella Artois: "Sex and the City's" Carrie Bradshaw and "The Dude" from "The Big Lebowski" make a return in Stella Artois' spot. The 45-second spot, which was released on Jan. 28, shows Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges, in character, swapping their usual drinks for the Anheuser-Busch InBev-owned brew. Bradshaw was known for her love of Cosmopolitans, while Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski is synonymous with White Russians.

**Bud Light: The brew reignited the beer wars with three ads set in its medieval universe that attacked smaller competitors Coors Light and Miller Lite for using corn syrup. The brand's other spot was an integration with "Game of Thrones" in which characters of the HBO show appeared inside Bud Light's medieval universe.

Agencies: Wieden & Kennedy New York (Bud Light); David (Budweiser); Mother (Stella Artois); FCB Chicago (Michelob Ultra); Bullish (Bon & Viv SpikedSeltzer)

Avocados From Mexico

Buy: One 30-second ad expected to run in the second quarter. It's the fifth consecutive Super Bowl appearance for Avocados From Mexico the marketing arm of Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association, which wants to promote the idea that avocados are "always worth it."

Creative: "Top Dog" depicts a twist on a dog show in which dogs watch their somewhat lookalike humans compete to win guacamole and other avocado-filled dishes. Actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth stars as the celebrity commentator. The 30-second TV spot, and an extended one-minute version, were released Jan. 30. Avocados From Mexico released its first teaser of the spot on Jan. 22 and a second teaser on Jan. 24. The spot rolls together themes from its prior Super Bowl ads including the year-round availability of avocados, the good fat they contain and their versatility.

Agencies: EnergyBBDO


Buy: WeatherTech returns for its sixth consecutive Super Bowl with one 45-second ad airing in the first quarter and a 15-second spot running in the fourth quarter.

Creative: Instead of emphasizing its "Made in America" messaging, as it has in its prior Super Bowl ads, WeatherTech's Big Game spot, which was released on Jan. 31, promotes a new line of pet care products. In a teaser released on Jan. 22, we see a Golden Retriever and the voice over: "WeatherTech is taking American manufacturing to a whole new level and will change the way you feel about feeding your pets." The company, best known for its car mats, launched its PetComfort feeding system earlier this year. It's 15-second ad, which was a late-minute buy, will promote its new CupFone cell phone holder.

Agency: Pinnacle Advertising


Buy: After sitting out last year, Mercedes-Benz is back in the game with a 60-second ad that will run in the second quarter.

Creative: The luxury auto brand plugs its high-tech in-vehicle voice assistant, known as MBUX, with an ad blending Wile E. Coyote, Free Willy, Ludacris. For a behind-the-scenes look at how it was made, check out Ad Age's "Anatomy of an Ad."

Agency: Merkley & Partners.

Total (Colgate)

Buy: Colgate-Palmolive Co.'s flagship oral-care brand Total will air a 30-second spot in the third quarter of the game.

Creative: Total became the first Super Bowl LIII marketer to release its ad on Jan. 18. In the spot, Luke Wilson, gets very, very close to his colleagues, showing off the toothpaste's power. The commercial was directed by Bryan Buckley. Colgate last advertised in the 2016 Super Bowl with a spot reminding people to turn off the water as they brush their teeth.

Agencies: WPP's Red Fuse Communications.


Buy: Hyundai will air one 60-second spot in the first quarter.

Creative: After taking a serious tone the past two years, Hyundai will pivot back to humor. Its ad, released on Jan. 30, stars Jason Bateman playing an elevator operator. The spot plugs Hyundai's "Shopper Assurance" program, which is a suite of services meant to modernize the car-buying experience, such as flexible test drives in which cars are delivered directly to consumers. The vehicle in the ad is the 2020 Palisade SUV.

Agency: Innocean Worldwide


Buy: Kia will return for its 10th consecutive Super Bowl ad with a 90-second spot in the third quarter, it's longest Super Bowl ever.

Creative: The Korean automaker plugs its factory in West Point, Georgia, where the new Kia Telluride is made. Kia's plant has helped provide jobs in the wake of textile mill closures.

Agency: David & Goliath


Buy: Toyota will appear in the Super Bowl for its second consecutive year with two 60-second spots. It is also sponsoring the halftime report.

Creative: Toyota is leaning into female empowerment with a Super Bowl ad that features Antoinette "Toni" Harris, the first female football player who does not play a specialist position like kicker to be offered football college scholarships. In the spot released on Jan. 29, shows Harris loading football gear into the back of a Toyota RAV4 and then doing some intense training, while a voiceover about how she defied the odds. The second ad will plug the all-new 2020 Toyota GR Supra, showing conquering the he obstacles of a life-sized pinball machine.

Agency: Burrell Communications, Toyota's multi-cultural agency, is the lead agency on the RAV4 ad, while Saatchi & Saatchi is handling the Supra spot.

Pringles (Kellogg)

Buy: The Kellogg Co. salty snack brand will return to the Super Bowl after making its big game debut in 2018 with a 30-second spot airing in the second quarter.

Creative: Pringles released its "Sad Device"ad on Jan. 28. It shows a guy stacking three different flavors of Pringles. A smart device in the room is depressed after saying how many such combinations are possible, since the device can't eat them. To change the mood, the guy tells the device to play "Funkytown." Pringles previously released three teasers on Jan. 17.

Agencies: WPP's Grey, which also did the Pringles spot that aired in the 2018 game.

M&M's (Mars)

Buy: M&M's is returning to the Super Bowl with its fifth Big Game spot in the past decade. The 30-second commercial will air during the first commercial break following the kick-off and promotes M&M's chocolate bars. It's the first time M&M's has used the Super Bowl to promote a new product (the bars hit stores in December).

Creative: Christina Applegate stars in "Bad Passengers," released Jan. 30, which depicts the actress trying to calm down some raucous M&M's spokescandies in the back seat of the SUV she's driving. The ad, directed by Craig Gillespie, picks up where a 15-second teaser released on Jan. 22 left off. The teaser showed Applegate becoming increasingly annoyed about being locked out of an SUV in the parking lot of a grocery store.

Agencies: BBDO New York

TurboTax (Intuit)

Buy: Intuit is returning to the Super Bowl for its sixth consecutive commercial with a 45-second spot airing in the second quarter. The spot is part of a new marketing investment parent company Intuit is making in the National Football League. Intuit struck a deal to make its TurboTax Live product the presenting sponsor of the AFC and NFC championship games played on Jan. 20.

Creative: In its spot, TurboTax introduces "RoboChild" who yearns to be a TurboTax live CPA, but doesn't quite have the emotional intelligence for the job. The company released a teaser on Jan. 30.

Agencies: Wieden & Kennedy Portland

Pepsi (PepsiCo)

Buy: Pepsi will air one 30-second spot for its flagship beverage brand.

Creative: In Pepsi's ad released on Jan. 28 called "More than OK," a woman tries to order a Coke at a restaurant. But the waiter doesn't have Coke and asks, "is Pepsi ok?" The ad features Steve Carrell, Cardi B and Lil Jon. Pepsi released a teaser of the ad on Jan. 18 and followed up with two additional teasers with Cardi B and Steve Carrell on Jan. 23.

Agencies: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners


Buy: Audi returns to Super Bowl LIII after skipping the game last year with one 60-second spot in the second quarter.

Creative: The luxury automaker spotlights its electric vehicle ambitions, as it prepares to launch three battery electric vehicles in the next three years. The ad depicts a man having a vision of an electric-vehicle future while choking on a cashew. "One-third of all new Audi models will be electrified by 2025," the spot declares.

Agencies: Venables Bell & Partners.

Devour (Kraft Heinz)

Buy: Kraft Heinz frozen food brand Devour will air a 30-second spot in the third quarter of the game. It's the brand's Super Bowl debut.

Creative: Devour toned down the "frozen food porn" premise with a 30-second spot released Jan. 31 that's still racy by frozen food ad standards. It previously released a 60-second version of its Super Bowl ad on Jan. 23 that was apparently banned for using the word "porn." Throughout both versions, a guy eats plenty of Devour meals and sneaks in as much racy frozen food content as he can, as discussed by his distraught girlfriend in a docu-style approach. All the steamy exposure has turned him into a three-minute man, a reference to how long it takes to heat up a frozen meal (wink, wink).

Agencies: David Miami

Persil ProClean (Henkel)

Buy: Persil ProClean will return for its fourth consecutive Super Bowl with a 15-second commercial airing in the second quarter.

Creative: Persil will bring back its character "The Professional" played by "Younger" star Peter Hermann. In the spot, "The Professional," along with his team of scientists, will reveal "the deepest levels of the Persil Stain Lab, where they test the toughest, deepest stains. Viewers will get a chance to see the elaborate and spectacular technology the Persil Stain Lab employs. The spot will highlight when stains go deep, the Persil Brand goes deeper for an exceptional deep clean," according to the company.

Agencies: DDB New York

Turkish Airlines

Buy: Turkish Airlines is returning for its third consecutive Super Bowl with a 30-second spot airing in the first quarter.

Creative: Turkish Airlines tapped Sir Ridley Scott to direct a six-minute short film, which showcases Istanbul and is based around the plot of a cat-and-mouse chase across the city's landmarks. It will air a 30-second version of the film during the game with the goal of promoting the city's new airport. Sylvia Hoeks ("Blade Runner 2049" and "The Girl in the Spider's Web") stars in the film.

Agencies: TBD

Olay (Procter & Gamble)

Buy: Procter & Gamble's beauty brand Olay will run its first Super Bowl ad with a 30-second spot airing in the first quarter.

Creative: Olay tapped Sarah Michelle Gellar -- in a nod to her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer -- to star in its Super Bowl ad. The brand released its horror movie ad on Jan. 30 and a 19-second #KillerSkin teaser on Jan. 23. The ad aims both to provoke a bit of nostalgia and drive home that Olay products can produce "unbelievable skin transformation," a spokeswoman says.

Agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi


Buy: The dating app will air its first Super Bowl ad in the first-half of the Big Game.

Creative: Tennis pro Serena Williams stars in Bumble's commercial, which was released on Jan. 31. The spot was produced by a team composed predominantly of women. The campaign, titled "The Ball is in Her Court," is focused on women making the first move in dating, friendship and business. Bumble released a teaser of the spot on Jan. 15 showing Williams on the tennis court and more behind-the-scenes footage on Jan. 23. Rita Ora's song "Soul Survivor" is the soundtrack.

Agencies: FlyteVu, WPP's VMLY&R

Planters (Kraft Heinz)

Buy: Kraft Heinz nut brand Planters will air a 30-second spot in the second quarter of the game.

Creative: Planters' second Super Bowl ad (it appeared back in 2008) features the Mr. Peanut spokesman character recklessly driving a Nutmobile to reach retired baseball star Alex Rodriguez in "Crunch Time,"saving him from having to eat kale chips. Charlie Sheen makes a cameo on a bench as Mr. Peanut drives by.In a teaser released on Jan. 23, Rodriguez is shown catching nuts in his mouth, which it turns out are being tossed over to him by Mr. Peanut.

Agencies: VaynerMedia


Buy: Expensify will air not only its first ever Super Bowl ad but its first TV ad during Super Bowl LIII. A 30-second spot will air in the second quarter.

Creative: Expensify released its ad on Jan. 29. The music video stars rapper 2 Chainz and actor Adam Scott, as well as a hidden receipt that is "expensable." The company released a music video to promote its ad on Jan. 24.

Agencies: JohnXHannes New York

Doritos (PepsiCo)

Buy: Doritos will air one 30-second spot.

Creative: Doritos infuses some hip-hop into Backstreet Boy's hit "I Want it That Way" in its Super Bowl spot, which also stars Chance the Rapper. The commercial promotes its newest flavor, Flamin' Hot Nachos. Doritos released two teasers one on Jan. 25 showing BSB teaching Chance their signature dance moves and another on Jan. 17 announcing the involvement of BSB and the rapper.

Agencies: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Bubly (PepsiCo)

Buy: Bubly, PepsiCo's sparkling water brand, will make its Super Bowl debut with one 30-second ad.

Creative: Canadian crooner Michael Bublé is convinced the brand is named after him, leading comedian Aparna Nancherla and others to tell him otherwise.

Agencies: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners


Buy: Verizon will air a 60-second spot, making this its second consecutive appearance in the Big Game.

Creative: The carrier will once again use the Super Bowl to salute first responders, as it did last year. It's debuting the campaign on Jan. 20, though the actual Super Bowl spot will not be revealed until the broadcast.

Agencies: McCann

National Football League

Buy: The NFL will run one 90-second ad.

Creative: The ad will kick off the celebration of the NFL's 100th season, which begins after the Super Bowl, and will include 40 current and former football players. The leader released a teaser on Jan. 28. The NFL is planning a year-long series of "NFL 100" events. Programs include forming a panel of former players, general managers, coaches, NFL historians and media to select the "All-Time Team" and the 10 greatest coaches in NFL history.

Agencies: 72andSunny


Buy: The home security company will air one 30-second spot in the first quarter. This is the first Super Bowl ad for SimpliSafe.

Creative: SimpliSafe released a teaser on Jan. 31 that plays on America's fears, identifying worries like stolen packages, footprints in the backyard and the rise of robots.

Agencies: Preacher will handle the creative. This is the first Super Bowl ad for the Austin-based agency.


Buy: ADT will run a 30-second ad during halftime. This is its first Super Bowl buy.

Creative: The Property Brothers star in ADT's spot. The home security system will go up against rival SimpliSafe, which will also air its first spot in the Big Game.

Agencies: Bear in the Hall; Horizon

Walt Disney

Buy: Walt Disney will air two commercials in the game.

Creative: The movie studio used the Super Bowl to promote two Marvel flicks: "Avengers: Endgame" and "Captain Marvel."

Agencies: Internal

Burger King

Buy: The home of the Whopper returns to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2006 with a unique 45-second spot set in the fourth quarter.

Creative: The ad is a 45-second clip of Andy Warhol eating a hamburger that appeared in director Jorgen Leth's 1982 film "66 Scenes From America." The ad, which pulls from the beginning of Warhol's nearly four-and-a-half-minute scene ends with the tagline #EatLikeAndy. The fast-food chain released two teasers on Jan. 24: one BK's King character at a table, seemingly preparing to shoot a commercial; the other has him painting a picture.

Agencies: David Miami and MullenLowe (creative), Horizon (media)


Buy: The wireless carrier will air four 30-second spots in the game, one in each quarter, making it their sixth consecutive Super Bowl appearance.

Creative: T-Mobile turned to the Super Bowl to jumpstart its rewards program — T-Mobile Tuesdays — that its customers have mostly ignored. The ads featured different duos humorously texting each other back-and-forth. The company also announced a new partnership with Taco Bell, saying its users can now score a free taco once a week.

Agencies: Panay Films


Buy: The footwear company will air one 30-second spot in the third quarter.

Creative: The ad, which was released on Jan. 29, stars brand ambassador Tony Romo and will promote Skechers' line of slip-on footwear.

Agencies: Siltanen & Partners Advertising


Buy: Amazon will air a 90-second spot slated for the second-half of the game.

Creative: Once again, Amazon will use the Big Game to promote its Alexa device. In the ad released on Jan. 30, Alexa is shown embedded in a microwave. "We are putting her in a lot of stuff now," an employee says. "But trust me, there are a lot of fails."
Those "failures" include putting Alexa into Forest Whitaker's electric toothbrush; the collar of Harrison Ford's dog; and the hot tub of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. Then there was the "incident," where Alexa turned off the power of the entire Earth.

Agencies: Lucky Generals and Amazon's in-house creative team.

Amazon Prime

Buy: The streaming service will air a 60-second commercial in the third quarter of the game.

Creative: Amazon Prime will promote its new series, "Hanna."

Agencies: Internal


Buy: The streaming service will run one 30-second ad during the game.

Creative: Hulu will promote its critically acclaimed original series "The Handmaid's Tale." The ad included the opening lines to Ronald Reagan's 1984 TV campaign, "Prouder, Stronger, Better." It released a teaser of the spot on Feb. 1. Last year it used the Super Bowl to promote its original series "Castle Rock."

Agencies: Internal


Buy: Microsoft will return to the Super Bowl with a 60-second ad airing in the fourth quarter. The company last aired a Super Bowl commercial in 2015.

Creative: The spot, released on Jan. 31, shows children with disabilities playing video games with the Xbox adaptive controller.

Agencies: McCann

Buy: Google will air two 60-second spots in the game. The company is also sponsoring the pregame show with YouTube TV.

Creative: Google's first spot highlights Google Translate calling out the most translated words, which include "how are you," "thank you," and "I love you." The second spot speaks to veteran, showing how they can use Google Search to find jobs.

Agencies: Google Creative Lab; Media by PHD and Essence


Buy: Sprint will air a 30-second commercial, marking its fourth consecutive Super Bowl appearance.

Creative: The ad, released on Jan. 31, includes a trio of robots, a mermaid and former NFL and MLB all-star Bo Jackson.

Agencies: Droga5

Mint Mobile

Buy: Mint Mobile will air one 30-second spot, it's first Super Bowl commercial. The ad is a floater, meaning it can air at any point during the game.

Creative: Three-year-old Mint is positioning itself as a value brand, offering plans as low as $20 a month to subscribers, depending on how much data person decides to use. Its ad, released on Jan. 31, dubbed "Chunky Style Milk," shows a man seeing Mint's $20-per-month offer and saying, "That's not right" before Mint spokesman – a cartoon style fox – says, "It's right all right. Now chunky style milk, that's not right.

Agencies: The creative was handled in house, but Mint worked withRuffian

Norwegian Cruise Line

Buy: Norwegian Cruise Line will air a 30-second spot during the Big Game. The company last ran a Super Bowl ad in 1994.

Creative: The ad, released on Feb. 1, showcases various experiences available throughout Norwegian's fleet and features Andy Grammer's re-recording of "Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)" – "Good to Be Free."

Agencies: TBD

The Washington Post

Buy: The Washington Post will air a 60-second commercial in the fourth quarter. This is its first Super Bowl buy.

Creative: The ad, which is narrated by Tom Hanks, highlights the work of reporters and the role it plays in Americans' lives.

Agencies: The spot was produced in partnership with Mark Woollen and Associates.

Web Services

Buy: Wix will air a 30-second commercial in the second-half of the game. This is the company's fifth consecutive Super Bowl spot.

Creative: The repurposed ad stars supermodel Karlie Kloss, who is updating her personal website through Wix, highlighting features like the Wix Pro Gallery and SEO Wiz.

Agency: Internal

Universal Pictures

Buy: The studio aired one commercial in the game.

Creative: Universal Pictures promoted its upcoming "Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw."

Agencies: Internal


Buy: Netflix will air a 30-second trailer in the third quarter.

Creative: The ad promotes its natural history series "Our Planet," which debuts on April 5. The commercial was not pre-released.

Agencies: Internal

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