Lynx : 1 Million Fans Rube Goldberg Machine

How well do you know your Lynx?

Published On
Aug 23, 2012

Editor's Pick

We're starting to think that Rube Goldberg machines may eventually end up with their own ad festival category, given their recurrence in creative work, as in this new online film out of Lynx, which uses said contraption to celebrate reaching 1 million fans on its the U.K./Ireland Facebook page --the first ever Unilever U.K. brand to do so.

The machine took three weeks to build and was created specifically with Lynx fans in mind. It features references to popular Lynx ads of the past like angel wings (from the Excite campaign), Converse and undies ("Getting Dressed') and a tiny little Chocolate Man. The film was produced out of TMW and the final cut was achieved after 58 takes.