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Jan 25, 2011

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Rudy Adler, a former Wieden + Kennedy Portland copywriter is the co-creator of digital memorial site, 1000Memories.com. The team recently released this spot promoting the site.

The site, launched last summer, gives the bereaved a modern, accessible way to express and share memories of the departed. The founders of the site recently closed a round of financing from "top-tier investors in Silicon Valley" and the site has won kudos from tech and lifestyle media.


Jan 26, 2011
Brand :
Client :
Animation/Editing :
Matt Eller
Animation/Editing :
Bill Morrison
Production Company :
Feel Good Anyway
Illustrator :
Patrick Long
Voiceover :
Jed Alger
Copywriter/Art Director :
Rudy Adler
Copywriter/Art Director :
Julia Oh
Producer :
Julia Oh
Sound Design :
Jacob Adler

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