Someone Just Bought That $20,000 KFC Zinger Meteorite

Who the Owner Is Will Surprise You

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Jul 21, 2017

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When KFC debuted its new online lifestyle goods boutique earlier this month, who knew that one of the first things to sell would be the $20,000 meteorite shaped like a Zinger chicken sandwich?

The fast feeder just placed a "Sold" label on the item, created by Wieden & Kennedy Portland to memorialize the menu offering's recent flight into space. See how it was packaged for delivery above.

At 20 grand, it was the most expensive item in the shop, yet it took just a little over a week to find a buyer. KFC says the Zinger's owner prefers to remain anonymous -- but assures us she's for real. According to the client, she had purchased it for her husband, a huge Zinger fan. (The sandwich just debuted in the States but has been available in other countries for years. It debuted in Trinidad and Tobago in 1984).

Unfortunately, the meteor Zinger is today the only one hubby's allowed to enjoy -- his family is now officially vegan.