Forget laxatives, watch this ‘Happy Poo’ video instead

Content platform 9GAG says laughing will help your BMs—and perhaps the world's ills

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May 31, 2019

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If you’re having trouble going #2, content sharing platform 9GAG promises to get your bowels moving--without the help of a laxative.

It just debuted an animated music video, “Happy Poo,” featuring singing and dancing turds who encourage viewers to chill out on the potty and, instead of consuming all the depressing news that’s happening in the world today, why not have a laugh? According to the video, laughing will help move your bowels along, and that, in turn, might help lead the world to a better place too.

“Why would you read all that shitty news, if you can have a good laugh while you poo?” one poop sings. “If leaders from the past had done a happy poo, we might have avoided World War II.” (Caution, the tune is quite catchy, so beware if you don't want the "Happy poo, happy poo," refrain running through your head all day.)

Lola MullenLowe has been working with Hong Kong-headquartered 9GAG since 2017. The company has about 150 million users and is the sixth largest brand account on Instagram. Its name has comedy built into it—the Cantonese pronunciation of 9 is “gau,” which sounds like another word meaning “make,” so 9GAG basically translates to “make a funny joke.” Problem is, however, many of its users don’t know about the humorous content on its mobile app. 

So the agency is trying to rectify that problem and raise the app's awareness with this outrageous video. Two insights drove the idea: 93% of people take their phones to the toilet with them, and their bowels move better when they are relaxed and laughing. That led to the campaign’s tagline “Why not use the #1 app to go #2?”


May 31, 2019
Lola MullenLowe

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