ACLU examines 'forced pregnancy' in pharma-style abortion rights ad

Campaign from Oberland uses pharamaceutical spot conventions to depict a world where women's choices are limited

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Jan 30, 2022

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In honor of the 49th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade, Oberland partnered with The American Civil Liberties Union to create a new campaign that reframes the debate over abortion restrictions as "forcing pregnancy." 

The campaign, which launched Jan. 22, is titled “Disclaimer” and modeled after a pharmaceutical ad. It shows a woman looking at her positive pregnancy test while the announcer says, “Are you seeking an abortion? Talk with your doctor.” Much like a run-of-the mill pharmaceutical ad, it goes on to explain the risks for a pregnant woman seeking an abortion. 

The announcer goes on to say that “unnecessary restrictions and politically-motivated bans may apply,” as the woman is seen leaving the state, heading to a clinic with a locked door, being told she has to come back the next day, and then dealing with anti-abortion protesters heckling her outside of the clinic. 

“There should be no shame in getting an abortion,” said Oberland Founder and Chief Creative Officer Bill Oberlander. “ACLU wants to show how people are frustrated by these laws that prevent them from getting an abortion and that they should never have to apologize for making that decision.” 

The spot ends with the message that “banning abortion is forcing pregnancy.” A second execution, titled “Forced,” is set to launch in mid-February. Oberland has created a larger campaign which includes digital ad units, many of which are geographically targeted to states where access to abortion is limited.