This canned tuna ad may give you nightmares

Philippines-based agency Gigil is back with another freakish scenario, this time for Mega Tuna

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Mar 22, 2021

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Philippines-based agency Gigil, which caught our attention last year with its totally out-there ads for RC Cola (what we dubbed the weirdest ad we’d seen all year), is back with another baffling scenario, this time promoting canned food brand Mega Tuna.

The spot starts out as seemingly as a run-of-the mill packaged goods ad, showing a woman digging into a can of Mega Tuna as copy touts the product’s deliciousness. “Mega Tuna Spanish Style,” a male voiceover announces. “Big flakes, no extenders, rich flavor!” he continues as the spot switches to food-porny shots of tuna chunks raining down on a bowl of rice. 

The woman continues to chow down as the ad takes a freaky turn. The camera pans out to reveal a lizard on the ceiling of the woman’s kitchen. It seems the reptile has a bit of tuna envy, his tongue darting out, cans of Mega Tuna reflected upside down in his eyeballs. 

Then, all of a sudden, the ad goes into rewind, the voiceover artist recites all his dialog backwards and the story culminates in a freaky role reversal between human and animal. 

The endline then reads in Tagalog, “Maiinggit sila sa sarap,” which roughly translates to “Everyone wants to have it.”

According to the agency, the client wanted to get consumers to switch from the leading tuna brand to its own product. In the Philippines, the tuna “category” is largely defined by health, fitness and celebrities, so this approach breaks that mold. “Mega Tuna is delicious, and we knew that this is what we had to communicate,” says Gigil Managing Partner Jake Yrastorza. "We used humor because we wanted to connect with a young market.”

The insight that drove the strange scenario? “When we see a person enjoying something we don’t have—which, in this particular case is Mega Tuna Spanish Style—we feel envious,” says Associate Creative Director Dionie Tanada. “We want to have it. We wish we were in their shoes. So to communicate just how mouthwateringly delicious Mega Tuna is, we showed viewers that everyone wants to have it—even the lizard on your ceiling.”



Mar 22, 2021
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Mega Tuna
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