Adam Driver, Adam Driver and Adam Driver star in Squarespace’s trippy Super Bowl teaser

‘I don’t like any other actors,’ the ‘White Noise’ star says in the deadpan mini-mockumentary

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Jan 31, 2023

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Adam Driver is in his first Super Bowl ad since 2017—and not just one Adam Driver, but a whole handful.

The “White Noise” star acts opposite himself, many times over, in an amusing two-minute mockumentary teasing Squarespace’s 2023 Super Bowl spot. The “Being John Malkovich”-esque short is comically deadpan, as Driver is asked what it’s like acting opposite himself, and what, exactly, Squarespace is. (“Websites,” one of the Adams says repeatedly, though his other selves aren’t so sure.”)

“Honestly, I thought it was going to be really great because I don’t like any other actors,” one of the Drivers proclaims. “It was kind of hard to go within myself to find all these people. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my whole life.”

Amid the mockumentary questions, we also see footage of Driver hanging from wires, as though shooting a CGI-enhanced action sequence. His outfit is very “Men in Black.” Driver told Rolling Stone, which premiered the ad on Monday: “I couldn’t be happier to do this commercial with Squarespace and for the Super Bowl. The cast alone was reason to do this.”

Squarespace will run a 30-second spot, produced in-house, on this year’s Super Bowl. Earlier this month, the company told Ad Age that the spot was inspired by its origin story. “Let’s just say that we went back to the source—the origin story. We ended up finding our humor in the original pitch for Squarespace,” chief creative officer David Lee said.

Squarespace has been posting images in social suggesting the spot airing on the game will be called “The Singularity.”

Teaser image of Adam Driver in Squarespace's Super Bowl ad, titled "The Singularity"

This is Squarespace’s ninth Super Bowl ad overall, and its fourth straight. Last year’s spot featured Euphoria star Zendaya. Driver, 39, last appeared in a Super Bowl commercial in 2017, when he did a Snickers spot that was filmed and broadcast live.