See Adam Driver become a centaur in Burberry's bizarre ad

Jonathan Glazer-directed film for Burberry Hero is going viral

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Jul 28, 2021

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You might have been wondering how Burberry would follow up its award-winning 2020 “Festive” holiday spot, and well, now we know. The brand’s newest ad stars Adam Driver in a way you’ve never seen him before.

The film promotes the new fragrance Burberry Hero and depicts Driver sprinting along a beach into the ocean, alongside a magnificent horse. To the breathy tones of FKA Twigs' track “Two Weeks," both strike out into the water, followed by close-ups of both Driver’s ripped abs and the horse’s, um, impressive physique. They swim together and then, in the final frame, we glimpse the actor’s silhouette on the beach—transformed into that of a centaur.

It's a twist that adds a bizarre note to what could have been a fairly standard luxury fragrance film—and it has not gone unnoticed since it dropped yesterday. It's already gone viral on social and Twitter users were quick to riff on Driver's transformation, which is variously described as "creepy," or "hot."

"Adam driver doing a cologne ad where he becomes a centaur is completely on brand for him," commented one, while others pointed out the spot's "Zoolander vibes" and created their own memes. Many others desperately wanted John Oliver, who famously has a crush on Driver, to see the spot (so far, he has yet to react). 

Pop culture media has also piled in to pass comment. "And now you're attracted to a centaur," observed The Cut, while Vulture's slightly NSFW headline is "At last, an Adam Driver you can truly ride."

The ad is directed by Academy Films' Jonathan Glazer, who has helmed features such as "Under the Skin" and "Sexy Beast," but also earned acclaim for his famous "Surfer" ad for Guinness. The new Burberry spot's equine star, surfside setting and abstract storyline seem to pay stylistic homage to the ad classic.