Adidas reveals its World Cup kit in unexpected places

Campaign aimed at Gen Z included designs hidden in manga comics and barbershops

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Sep 16, 2022

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Adidas has revealed its FIFA World Cup kit for different countries ahead of the tournament taking place in Qatar this November—but rather than launching it in a fanfare of celebrity appearances, it dropped it in unexpected places.

To capture the attention of Gen Z soccer fans, the brand "hid" the kits in destinations popular with Gen Z around the globe and allowed fans to discover them. For example, in Japan, the kits appeared in specially commissioned editions of major Manga comics "Blue Lock" and "Giant Killing." In Argentina, the kit was hidden on the wall of the national team’s favorite barbershop. In Mexico, it was worn by a chef at a famous taco shop. 

Japanese woman wearing Japan FIFA World Cup 2022 Jersey

Adidas kept quiet for two months as soccer fans picked up on the clues, before a social film, created by TBWA\London, revealed this week that Adidas was behind the launch. The film features regional influencers revealing the hidden kits while Spanish national team players Pedri and Ferran Torres are seen messaging each other, wondering how they missed the launches and how they can get their kits. 

Man in wheelchair wearing FIFA World Cup 2022 Spain Jersey

“Culture became our secret weapon,” said Matt Davidson, head of global football brand marketing at Adidas, in a statement. “Gen-Z is Gen-Z first, national identity second. They don’t follow the rules set by generations before them so we used the global stage to shine a light on the culture they are shaping at the crossroads with football."

Young man wearing FIFA World Cup 2022 Mexico Jersey