A blockbuster fantasy and 18th-century opera get rude interruptions from regular old people in global campaign for Amazon Alexa

Comedic spots from Droga5 London throw everyday consumers into fictional worlds

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Oct 22, 2020

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An elvish woman tries to say her final goodbye to her warrior lover in the midst of an epic battle, but gets a rude interruption from a dude ironing his shirt at home. An 18th century opera singer attempts to perform before an opulently dressed audience—but a 21st century sunbather rolls in on his chaise lounge, suggesting she sing something a little more “fun.”

The ridiculous scenarios set the stage for a new global campaign from Amazon Alexa, “A voice is all you need,” via Droga5 London. Two spots illustrate how with a simple voice command to Alexa, consumers can roll back and replay their favorite scenes on a film or switch up their home soundtrack. 

“You can conduct an orchestra or direct a film, access the entire canon of human knowledge or turn the bedroom light on–all with the power of your voice,” said Droga5 London Executive Creative Director Shelley Smoller in a statement. “Alexa enables you to control things and be transported to places as if by magic, making you feel as though the world is simply waiting patiently for your command.”

Both spots were directed by Andreas Nilsson of Biscuit Filmworks, who “was brilliant at creating immersive worlds to puncture with the intrusion of our Alexa users,” added Droga5 London Chief Creative Office David Kolbusz. “I want to see the whole film our ironing man is interrupting and I want to go back to that Regency period and listen to the whole concert.”

Droga5 London was also behind Amazon Alexa’s Emmy-nominated Super Bowl spot, which imagined what life was like in olden days before the voice assistant existed.