Always putting off your creative work? You’ll enjoy Aleksandra Kingo’s ode to procrastination

The humorous personal project offers a glimpse into what it’s like to try and come up with new ideas consistently

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Apr 25, 2024
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Chatting with creatives day in and day out, I hear a lot of “I love my job.” Most don't get into how exhausting it is to try to be creative 24/7.

Let’s face it—creatives have idea droughts as much as writers get writer’s block, which is why I appreciate this funny but honest film from director Aleksandra Kingo.

Created as a personal project inspired by her own experiences, “An Ode to Procrastination” shows what being a creative is really like much of the time: twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the next big idea to hit (likely in the shower) while pretending everything is fine.

The short film follows the thought process of a young artist, Sarah (played by Sarah Sayuri Hare), who is trying to create what she thinks is the project of a lifetime—which she expects to be acclaimed as “disruptive” and “iconic”—but procrastinates as she struggles to start. 

The film takes on an edge as Sarah finds random, and at times absurd, things to occupy her. The viewer can sense anxiety and unease in her voice as she tries to dismiss her struggles with motivational quotes. 


It is a depiction that reflects the director herself, Kingo said in a statement.

“This film is an attempt to meet my own creative struggles, packed in a comical, slightly absurd form. I know too well about procrastination and creative doubts—being scared to start something that you truly love is definitely a form of torture,” she said. “But just like Sarah, I have mastered the art of pretending everything is just fine and shrugging things off. In a way, Sarah is me, but she is also every other stuck creative out there. I wanted to create a film that is relatable and therapeutic, without being patronizing or mocking.

“Thinking of how much I was procrastinating when starting this script on procrastination, it’s also pretty meta, which makes it even more special,” she continued. 

Kingo’s aim was not only to entertain but to provide insight into the mental health struggles of those in the creative profession, especially considering the pressure many creatives experience. Her perspective is particularly poignant as she is a photographer, director and mother.

The project published online on April 25, but has received recognition at screenings including Berlin Commercial, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, 1.4 Awards, Conero Film + Advertising, Kinsale Shark Awards and ADC Awards.

Poster for Aleksandra Kingo’s “An Ode to Procrastination”


Apr 25, 2024
Written & Directed by :
Aleksandra Kingo
Producer :
Rupert Style
Executive Producer :
Angela Woods
Starring :
Sarah Sayuri Hare
Director of Photography :
Matthew J. Smith
Production Designer :
Amy Friend
Editor :
Sam Hopkins
Costume Designer :
Natasha Freeman
Music Composer :
Toby Andersen
Sound :
Robert Kivits
Production Manager :
Luke Jackson
Assistant Director :
Mark Layton
Focus Puller :
Stephanie Kennedy
2nd AC :
Jack Degg
Paul Swann
Key Grip :
Peter J. Olney
Grip :
Adrian McCarthy
Grip :
Rogan Brown
Boom Operator :
Rubin Smith
Gaffer :
Massimo Filippi
Best Boy Electric :
Jack Cullis
Electrician :
Breandan Mcbennett
Electrician :
Nathan Suth
Electrician :
Dylan Schultz-Soo
Prop Stylist :
Helen Zarkina
Art Dept Asst :
Alex Poll
Costume Assistant :
Phoebe Brannick
Costume Assistant :
Libby Bobe
Make-Up :
Wilma Stigson
Make-up Assistant :
Ellie Warrington-Brown
Hair :
Chris Kurz
Runner :
William Curry
Runner :
Eva Rogelj
Runner :
Millie Allan
Security :
Cayden Meier
Security :
Sean Steer
Martin Godward
Camera :
Lighting :
Extra :
Mercedes Von Thun
Extra :
Estelle Digridi
Extra :
Chloe Doherty
Extra :
China Jade Tang
Extra :
Nathan Stokes
Extra :
Mark Hopkins
Colorist :
Simona Cristea
VFX Artist :
Jon Hollis
TItle Design :
Dylan Kendle
Stills Retouching :
Kristina Keke
Storyboard Artist :
Valentin Petuhov
Special Thanks To :
Neil Champagne
Special Thanks To :
Veronica Diaferia
Special Thanks To :
Sara Eolin
Special Thanks To :
Mick Walsh
Special Thanks To :
George Martin
Special Thanks To :
Pete Burch
Special Thanks To :
Gus Quirk

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