Amazon Ads triggers creatives in new spot about bad media placements

Too much work, too little payoff is the takeaway from this campaign

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Jul 17, 2023
Cheri billboard along freeway obstructed by tree

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Warning: A new spot from Amazon Ads may hit too close to home for some creatives.

The spot details the grueling development of a campaign for a fictional drink brand called “Cheri,” including all the frustration and excitement behind the process, only for the resulting ad to receive a terrible billboard placement, obscured by a tree alongside a freeway.

“All that, for this?” the 30-second spot concludes. 

While triggering to creatives, the effort is meant to spotlight Amazon Ads’ own offerings, mainly its media placements across numerous platforms. The e-commerce giant has invested heavily in its ads business over the last several years, which has led to sizable growth in revenue.

Poor media placement is one of the most visible inefficiencies in the advertising industry, and a particularly frustrating one for creatives who often spend countless hours working on their campaigns. This explains why new platforms, such as streaming offerings, often lean into their audience numbers and other metrics proving high numbers of eyeballs in order to court advertisers.

But just because a platform caters to many people does not mean it will be effective for all brands. In three, 15-second ads that accompany its main spot, Amazon Ads highlights this problem. One ad shows an agency researching audience insights, only for its ad to run in front of an entirely different demographic. Another demonstrates the importance of having integrated media channels, while the final ad emphasizes the value of measurement.

The campaign, dubbed “Ads That Work as Hard as You Do,” was created with Anomaly. It will run on online video, social media, digital display and digital audio in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the U.K. and Canada.



Jul 17, 2023
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Amazon Ads
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Carly Zipp
Head of Brand Strategy :
Dipal Shah
Senior Brand Strategist :
Colin Kikcio
Brand Manager :
Alex Andreadis
Senior Creative Director :
Marcellus Neel
Partner Chief Innovation Officer :
Natasha Jakubowski
Managing Partner Head of Media & New Engagement Models :
William de Lannoy
Innovation Strategy Director :
Justin Alsop
Managing Partner :
Seth Jacobs
Seth Jacobs
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Dan Shapiro
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Diego Fonseca
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Giles Clayton
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Jessica Leonard
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Kat Worrall
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Yianni Tzizifas
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Nate Blowers
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Nani Harakawa
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Elektra O'Malley
Business Director :
Rachel Wintle
Account Supervisor :
Hannah Goehri
Account Executive :
Claudia Giblin
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Bronwen Lonsdale
Senior Producer :
Mateus DeFaria
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Lily McCann
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Victoria McMachan
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Global Managing Partner :
Anna Prendergast
Head of EU Expansion :
Simon Smith
Global Director Communications Design :
Diego Lopez-Vega
Associate Director Client Advise and Management :
Priya Jain
Global Manager Client Advise and Management :
Bianca Burkhardt
Head of Consumer :
Harry Moss
Director Client Advise Management & Planning :
Philip Kreuzer
Director Communications Design :
Debbie Medeiros
Business Partner :
Claire Sipos
Client Services Director :
Ruth Gutierrez
Managing Partner :
Beatrice Tisot
Production Company :
Director :
Jara Moravec
Consultant Director :
Ian Pons Jewell
Executive Producer :
Zico Judge
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Maddi Carlton
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Matt Sanders
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Shirley O'Connor
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Kelly Brown
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Catherine May
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Aaron Reynolds
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Vicky Ferraro
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Electric Theater Collective
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Luke Morrison

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