The 'Angry Birds Venting Machine' will give you stuff if you get mad at it

Rovio's 'Bring the Anger' campaign from Droga5 continues with experiential event in Times Square

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Nov 19, 2019

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Last week, Rovio and Droga5 debuted “Bring the Anger,” a new campaign celebrating the upcoming 10th anniversary of the mobile game company’s popular “Angry Birds” franchise. The effort kicked off with the “Rage Rider,” a new kind of scooter that moves only if you scream at it. Now, Rovio is giving consumers another way to channel their fury: the “Venting Machine.”

Thursday at noon in New York’s Times Square, Rovio will be unveiling the new device, which masochistically invites passersby to pummel, shake, scream and unleash their rage on it. Anger is the currency, so those who vent hard enough will be rewarded with a prize. The company is promoting the event with the cheeky film above.

According to Droga5 Executive Creative Director Andrew Fergusson, the campaign was inspired by the brand’s simple mantra: “It’s OK to be angry.” 

The idea for this particular execution came naturally from the punny quality of the idea, as well as from life itself. “So many places where vending machines exist are ‘angry’ locations—work places, train stations," Fergusson says. "And people punch them all the time. It just felt right for ‘Angry Birds.’”

From there, the production process led to the creation of a “monstrosity of technology,” says Creative Technology Director Brian Moore. “There were so many pieces involved, but at the core, it was really about trying to figure out the different inputs of anger and how people could express it.”  That involved getting the machine to read punching, shaking and screams using microphones and various sensors. 

As passersby "abuse" the machine, it expresses the anger back—feathers on top of it ruffle, a steam whistle blows. And then, finally, it rewards the “customers" with prizes—many of which are designed to help them deal with their rage through stress relief or other forms of catharsis. 

The "Venting Machine" will be in action in Times Square through today. The campaign will also include  an in-game event in partnership with UNICEF Finland in which players are encouraged to “pop” as many pigs as they can throughout the month of November. Rovio will then make a $100K donation to a UNICEF program supporting the education of children in conflict zones.